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Deputy Inspector General/Counsel

Kevin Winters

Deputy Inspector General/Counsel

Kevin Winters became the Deputy Inspector General and Counsel on February 23, 2015, after serving as a senior executive with NASA’s Office of Inspector General (OIG) since 2005. As NASA’s Assistant Inspector for Investigations, his staff of special agents, investigative auditors, and computer forensic examiners focused on allegations of fraud, waste, and abuse affecting NASA’s programs and operations. In coordination with the Department of Justice, his staff recovered more than $650 million in civil and criminal fraud-related penalties, and his Computer Crimes Division spearheaded many successful investigations into international computer intrusions affecting NASA, which resulted in holding cyber criminals accountable in Europe, Africa, and Asia.

Before joining the OIG community, Mr. Winters had a career with the United States Marine Corps, retiring as a Brigadier General. His initial service was as an armor officer with the Second Marine Division, and then as a judge advocate after attending law school through the Funded Law Education Program. Subsequent domestic and overseas assignments included duties as a prosecutor and defense counsel; as a faculty member at the US Army’s JAG School in Charlottesville; a battalion commander at Parris Island Recruit Depot, and as a senior uniformed legal advisor to the Commandant of the Marine Corps, where his office was responsible for providing legal support to 172,000 Marines and their families. His final assignment was as the Assistant Judge Advocate General of the Navy, where, among other duties, he was a principal advisor for military justice policy for the Department of the Navy. He was also in the Pentagon on 9/11 and later served in Iraq.

Originally from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, Mr. Winters has a B.S.C. and a law degree from the University of Louisville, and a Masters in Law from the University of Virginia.