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June 26, 2017  |  Audit Reports

GOVERNANCE: Better Adherence to Leading Practices for Ethics Programs Could Reduce Company Risks

Our work showed the company’s current ethics-related activities partially align with some leading practices; however, these actions do not, in the... Read more
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June 19, 2017  |  Audit Reports

INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY: Operations Foundation Program—Restructuring Could Help Control Costs and Limit Risks

The Operations Foundation program (the program) is a large, complex information technology (IT) and business process initiative designed to improve... Read more
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June 16, 2017  |  Audit Reports

GOVERNANCE: Opportunities Exist to Strengthen Controls to Ensure that Utility Accounts Are Deactivated After Real Estate Transactions

Amtrak (the company) owns about $12 billion in real property assets across the nation, including 96 stations and 623 miles of right-of-way track. The... Read more
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March 27, 2017  |  Audit Reports

GOVERNANCE: Quality Control Review of the Independent Audit of Amtrak’s Consolidated Financial Statements for Fiscal Year Ended 2016

Amtrak (the company) contracted with the independent certified public accounting firm of Ernst & Young LLP to audit its consolidated financial... Read more
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March 2, 2017  |  Audit Reports

TRAIN OPERATIONS: On-Time Performance Reporting Generally Accurate; Additional Actions Could Enhance Delay Reporting

On-time rail performance is important to Amtrak (the company) achieving its strategic goals of acquiring and retaining satisfied customers and... Read more
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February 22, 2017  |  Audit Reports

ACQUISITION AND PROCUREMENT: Master Services Agreements Are Not Strategically Managed, and Award and Oversight Processes Can Be Improved

Since fiscal year (FY) 2009, Amtrak (the company) has increased its use of a contracting vehicle called a Master Services Agreement (MSA) from as few... Read more
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February 3, 2017  |  Audit Reports

ACQUISITION AND PROCUREMENT: Improved Management and Oversight of GE Diesel Locomotive Service Contract Could Lead to Savings

Amtrak’s (the company) fleet of 269 General Electric (GE) diesel locomotives power trains on 15 long-distance routes and 26 state-supported routes.... Read more
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January 17, 2017  |  Audit Reports

GOVERNANCE: Addressing Remaining Shortcomings Would Lead to a Budget Development Process More Fully Aligned with Leading Practices

Since its creation in 1971, Amtrak (the company) has had to rely on federal assistance—$46 billion to date—because passenger revenue and other... Read more
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January 10, 2017  |  Audit Reports

Quality Control Review of Amtrak’s Single Audit for Fiscal Year 2015

Amtrak (the company) contracted with the independent certified public accounting firm of Ernst & Young LLP to audit its consolidated financial... Read more
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December 14, 2016  |  Audit Reports

ACQUISITION AND PROCUREMENT: Adopting Additional Leading Practices to Manage the Baltimore Penn Station Redevelopment Could Help Mitigate Project Risks

In September 2015, Senator Barbara Mikulski requested that we review the company’s efforts to redevelop Baltimore Penn Station. In October 2015, we... Read more
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