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Semiannual Report #50

April 1, 2014 - September 30, 2014

"Throughout this semiannual period, our audit work addressed issues intended to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of Amtrak’s programs and operations. We issued our first ever report on top management and performance challenges facing the company. The challenges we identified are rooted in long‐standing and complex issues that will take continuous attention over several years to effectively address. We also reported on opportunities for the company to improve its effectiveness and efficiency in a number of areas, including managing capital projects, implementing the Americans with Disabilities program, and conducting procurement activities."

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SAFETY AND SECURITY: Opportunities to Improve Controls Over Police Department Workforce Planning

When comparing APD’s workforce planning practices to the best practices of other rail transit police departments, we identified opportunities for improvement. In addition to developing a formal workforce planning process, we identified six additional best practices that could be incorporated into a workforce planning process.
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An investigation of suspected fraudulent fuel activity on company issued fuel cards revealed that an Amtrak employee made $9,927 in fuel purchases while on leave.
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SAFETY AND SECURITY: Opportunities Exist to Improve the Safe-2-Safer Program

Our reporting objectives are to review (1) the extent to which the Safe-2-Safer program goals are being met, (2) whether opportunities exist to improve program implementation, and (3) whether the program is integrated with the company’s overall efforts to improve safety.
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Top Management and Performance Challenges

This is our first report assessing the top management and performance challenges facing Amtrak (the company). Many other inspectors general are legislatively required to produce similar reports focusing on high-risk/impact activities and performance issues that affect programs, operations, and achievement of strategic goals. Those reports have shown that periodically identifying and reporting the challenges to management, other decision-makers, and Congress can help improve organizational performance. Although we are not legislatively required to report on management challenges, we have prepared this report to provide similar benefits.

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